Washroom Cleaner

Powerful Washroom Cleaner – Ready to use!

Washroom Cleaner 750mL

Your Ultimate Biological Washroom Cleaner & Odour Neutraliser

Expertly crafted to ensure pristine, odour-free washrooms, ega Washroom Cleaner goes beyond just cleaning – it eliminates organic stains and tackles persistent odors at their source on all washroom surfaces. For an enhanced experience and prolonged freshness, pair it with our complementary Bio Blocks.

Experience the difference with ega – your solution for a consistently clean and fresh-smelling washroom.

  • Biodegradable
  • Quick splitting
  • Contains advanced surfactant technology
  • Water soluble liquid
  • Neutral pH of 8—8.5
  • Powerful and dilutable


ega Washroom Cleaner is a powerful ally in your fight against urine odours. Expertly formulated to prevent uric acid scale build-up on urinals, toilet bowls, walls, and floors, this cleaner provides an effective solution for maintaining pristine washrooms. It can be conveniently introduced into the cistern or applied directly onto contaminated surfaces as often as necessary, ensuring your washrooms remain clean and odour-free.

Unlike conventional cleaners, ega Washroom Cleaner works biologically and may react adversely with bactericidal cleaners such as bleach and disinfectants. Instead, it thrives in an environment where it can effectively eliminate organic staining and odour issues from all washroom surfaces. A simple spray and wipe on ceramic surfaces are all it takes to control scale and soiling effectively.

For deeper cleaning

Dilute the solution and swab floors to remove uric scale build-up and urine soiling. For the best results, use ega Washroom Cleaner in tandem with ega Biological Urinal Blocks. This powerful duo ensures your washrooms remain trouble-free and odourless.

At the heart of ega’s Biologicals are species of micro-organisms/bacteria commonly found in the digestive tract and soil. These bacteria secrete enzymes that aid in breaking down organic matter, classifying them as probiotics. Trust ega, your partner for hygiene and cleanliness.

Dilute as necessary to required strength. Apply by spray, cloth, swab or brush method on to soiled area, agitate and wipe clean. For heavily soiled areas agitate and leave to work for a few minutes. Spray on and wipe off. No need to rinse.

Avoid long term use with polished aluminium.

Store in original container.

Keep lid tightly closed when not in use.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Concentrated & Versatile

Introducing our 5L Concentrated Ega Washroom Cleaner, designed to deliver spotless, fresh-smelling washrooms. This potent solution does more than just clean – it eradicates organic stains and combats lingering odours at their origin on all washroom surfaces. For an amplified experience and extended freshness, complement it with our synergistic Bio Blocks.

Why use eco-friendly cleaning products?


Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products can cut water usage by up to 20% due to their lower water requirements for effective cleaning.

According to the British Institute of Cleaning Science,


Using green cleaning products can reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in the workplace by up to 40%

Report by the UK Cleaning Products Industry Association


Biodegradable cleaning products can halve industries’ landfill waste as they decompose faster than traditional agents

According to the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM)

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of using biological and environmentally friendly cleaning products?

These products are safer for human health, minimise exposure to harmful chemicals, improve indoor air quality, and have a lower environmental impact because they’re biodegradable and often come in recyclable packaging.

Do environmentally friendly cleaning products clean as effectively as traditional ones?

Yes, biological and eco-friendly cleaning products can be just as effective as traditional cleaners. They leverage natural ingredients and advanced science to remove dirt, grime, and bacteria.

Are biological and environmentally friendly cleaning products more expensive than conventional ones?

While some eco-friendly products may be slightly more expensive upfront, they can save money in the long run by reducing health risks and environmental damage. Plus, prices are decreasing as demand grows and production becomes more efficient.

Do biological cleaning products have a shelf life?

Like all cleaning products, biological ones do have a shelf life. However, because they contain living organisms, it’s important to store them correctly – usually in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Can biological and environmentally friendly cleaning products be used in any setting?

Yes, these products are suitable for a wide range of settings, from homes and offices to large industrial facilities. Always check the product instructions to ensure it’s appropriate for your specific cleaning task.